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You Got Me

550 | Darcy Lewis/Sif | R (KB: bondage [other])

It takes Darcy a tragically long time to get Sif to understand that she wants her to come back to the lab. Jane is too busy with Thor to notice, hell, they’re already in the trailer (and it’s gonna start a rocking) and Erik is off with SHIELD still. She basically tries everything short of pulling off her top (“Hey, we should go back to the lab,” and lots of thigh touching, and three occasional gropes to Sif’s rather impressive Amazonian tits) and when that doesn’t work, she just straddles one of Sif’s thighs. “Can we please fuck,” she says, and Sif’s eyes go wide and then a little dark.

“Forward, for a midgardian,” she murmurs, and she looks more amused than anything, touching Darcy’s stomach just under her t-shirt. They’re on top of the new lab, and Darcy can see people below. She feels kind of naughty perched on a goddess’ knee like this.

“I’m tired of hinting.” She shrugs, and she is not expecting Sif to pull at her shirt, to get it up over her head. Her arms are trapped in the fabric, awkward behind her back. “Um,” she says, and she tries to squirm out of them.”

“Thor tells stories of how your people enjoy to be held and touched,” Sif says, like she can’t understand why Darcy doesn’t want her arms caught up in her shirt. “Jane and Thor take turns.”

Which was waaaay more than Darcy needed to know. She stops struggling. Her shoulders are strained by the shirt being behind her head. It was, in truth, maybe a touch too small, but she’s never been subtle and Sif didn’t seem to respond to it.

“What’s the purpose of this then? No ropes and chains?” she makes it a question, but she’s just watching Sif’s face, trying to understand.

Sif grips at shirt, pulling it tighter, and the strain makes Darcy gasp. “You could bring yourself to pleasure on my leg like this, could you not?” She is smirking now, the lanterns making her face look ominous.

Darcy shifts a little. It’s not the perfect angle, and it would work better if she was in jeans, but. “I think I could work with this. I could try.”

Sif smirks. The shirt is going to be all stretched out of shape from her hands, and Darcy doesn’t care. It’s not everyday you have a literal goddess grinning down at you with lust in her heart. “I want to see how much this makes you moan, Darcy Lewis. I think you will be most enjoyable.”

She leans down and kisses Darcy, and Darcy starts to rock, because the kiss is hard and punishing. There’s maybe just a bit more teeth than she likes, but for a first time, for a chance to get Sif naked under her hands, she’s willing to do a lot worse than this.

“My shirt might tear, though,” she says as a warning when Sif breaks the kiss, her voice shaky. She can feel the heat rising in her body, but that’s more from Sif manhandling her than from her frantic hips against Sif’s thigh.

“I shall find you a new one then,” Sif says, and there’s something smug in her voice and Darcy shivers before concentrating on moving her hips faster.


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