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Still New to Me

500 | Tony/Steve/Pepper | PG (KB: exhibitionism/exposure)

Tony watches Steve and Pepper settle into the cushions, Pep with her glass of wine and PDA, toes tucked under Steve’s thigh. Steve wasn’t holding anything, but he’s less good at the ruse that they’re just enjoying the evening and not waiting for Tony to come out. He hasn’t had as much practice. Pepper is better at it. Pepper has been watching him for years.

He can hear Steve ask Pepper what’s so important that they have to be shown like this, and Pepper responds warmly, if sarcastic.

“Okay, kids,” Tony says, coming out of his alcove. He doesn’t want to wait. He wants to show them his latest and greatest idea, because he knows how they are. “I guess you’ve been waiting long enough.”

Pepper sips her wine and sets it down. “We’re dying from the suspense.”

They’re both watching him as he sets up the holoframe. “So I’ve been thinking about the Maria Stark Foundation, about what we could do for the children of immigrants.”

That gets Steve’s attention, so he’s focused on the images that Tony is expertly spreading throughout the room. “What could you do about the children of immigrants,” he says, and he’s rolling his eyes a little.

Pepper is better, watching Tony. “Scholarship fund?” she asks, and he can hear her already turning the numbers over in her head, the tax write-offs and how to spin this.

“Pepper,” Tony says, and he snaps his fingers. He needs their eyes on him. “Yes, scholarships, but full rides to kids who want to be in the arts. We already give a ridiculous amount to kids who want to be in the sciences, but, you know, art.”

It’s worth the meetings with people who stressed the importance of arts education for the look on Steve’s face when he comes close to Tony and wraps him in a hug. “Good,” he says. “That’s a great idea.”

He looks at Tony with clear blue eyes, and it’s still kind of shocking when Steve kisses him. They’re all having sex, but there are still moments.

“Look at you, all proud,” Pepper says when she’s able to wheedle him away from Steve. She knows that the presentation is part of the show, part of what he needs to make this work. It’s better when they’re focused on him. “You know he didn’t need that. He doesn’t really care about your money or foundations or anything.”

“It makes him hard to date, Pep,” Tony says, and he means it sincerely.

Pepper laughs, and she turns him enough that he can see the soft way Steve keeps looking at him, like he’s trying to hide it. “I don’t think you have to worry about that. He’s wooed, he’s ours, he sees us.”

She reaches a hand out for Steve. “Let us take you to bed so we can prove exactly how much we see you.”

Tony raises his eyebrows. “Oh, really,” he says, and his body feels warm at the thought of the two of them, working him over, their eyes on his face the entire time.

“I think we could make this work.”


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