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Her Best Girl

500 | girl!Bruce/Clint | NC-17 (KB: nipple/tit torture)

“Okay,” Clare says, her voice calm and sure. She put the first clamp on Bryce’s nipple, watching the good doctor’s face, the way her shoulders tense up before she has to relax into it. “See, there’s a good girl.”

Bryce doesn’t answer. She’s not allowed to talk until Clare says. Clare hums a little. She likes the way the clover clamps look on Bryce’s tits, and there isn’t much she doesn’t love about Bryce’s tits. They’re just a little too large to be called C-cups, even after her time on the run, but they are fucking gorgeous when she’s stretched out like this.

Clare likes the clover clamps, too, because they have the most chain of all their clamp sets, just enough to tug and maybe Bryce crawl forward on her hands. “Are you going to crawl for me, baby?” she asks, and the door is open. They have the tower to themselves, and she’s turned off the cameras so they can enjoy this.

Bryce lets out a sobbing little breath when Clare tugs at the chain again. She crawls clumsy when they use the clamps, partially because it’s not a perfect lead and partially because of the pain, but it’s beautiful to watch. Clare tugs and watches Bryce’s eyebrows come together.

She’s trying too hard to be good and quiet. They need to switch this up. Clare presses a hand to her face. “Will you let me put weights on?” she asks. They’re’ working with weights. Bryce doesn’t like them so much, and Clare loves them. She loves the look of pain on Bryce’s face. “I’ll let you touch yourself.”

Bryce hesitates, but then she nods, and her crawling picks up, like she’s eager to get the weights. Clare knows it’s more the promise of being able to touch herself; in prep for the scene, Clare decided orgasms should be off the table for a week. She knows she was ready before she even told Bryce to strip, and now watching Bryce crawl? She wants.

But her needs can wait. She unclips the chain from Bryce’s clamps. There are weights on the table, the heavy ones that Bryce really hates, but she sits still and pretty for Clare to put them on. “Do you want to touch yourself that badly, pretty girl?” Clare cooes. She slaps Bryce’s left breast, to watch the weight sway, to hear Bryce’s sharp intake of breath.

Clare slaps Bryce’s other tit. “Do it. Get yourself off.” She waits for Bryce’s hand to slide between her legs, until she’s sure Bryce is working her clit hard and fast, just the way she likes it. Then she hits Bryce’s tit again and again. Bryce’s breathing comes out in a soft sob, but she needs to come.

Clare didn’t say it would be painless though. She pulls on the weights, making Bryce cry out, and just like that the silence is broken. They both know that Clare will punish her. Clare sees it in the solemn look that flashes over Bryce’s face, but she doesn’t stop working her clit, shuddering beside Clare on the floor.

“Are you close?” Clare asks, scraping blunt nails over Bryce’s soft skin. Her breasts are pink from being slapped, and her nails raise welts. “You can talk now. Might as well.”

“Yes,” Bryce says, her voice high and thready, and Clare knows she’s just at the edge, almost-almost to the point of coming.

And that’s when she takes off the first clamp, so the rush of blood makes Bryce’s eyes flash wide. She shakes apart before Clare can get the second clamp off, her breath coming out in soft sobs, and it’s beautiful and perfect.

It’s enough that Clare would just take her to bed now. but Bryce broke a rule. That must be dealt with first.


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