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Passing Notes

500 | Steve Rogers and Tony Stark | G (KB: writing on the body)

He notices the habit at a meeting, when Hank is droning on about something he noticed, some abuse of power that he finds irresponsible. They’re all barely paying attention; Clint looks like he’s barely awake. Hulk’s already gone. Tony kind of wishes he were a huge rage monster; he’d like to skip out on Hank lectures because no one has the balls to stop him.

There’s paper on the table, but Steve is ignoring it, preferring instead to write things on his hand. It’s hard enough to get Steve out of his uniform for these meetings, but now he’s in jeans and scribbling things on his hand.

Tony can see that he has paper, too. He doodled through most of the meeting (which, to be fair, was about public opinion of the Avengers and who keeps leaving nasty dishes in the sink, hardly pressing Captain America business) but now he’s making notes on his hand.

He cranes his neck to try and see. JARVIS could probably get the best look, but he can’t call JARVIS up at a meeting without Steve noticing, and then he’d probably stop.

“Tony are you paying attention? You’re one of the worst offenders,” Hank snaps from his soap box.

“Sure, Pym. I live for these guilt trips.” Tony doesn’t even bother looking away from Steve’s hands.

Hank makes a flustered sound, but he keeps going. Tony goes back to ignoring him. All is right with the world.

When Jan starts talking about the possibility of having a party--and maybe inviting the people they’d like to bring into the team to make it a little more versatile and a little more capable of handling massive attacks on a standing basis, no collecting their friends and making a speech to get them to toss in with them--Tony nudges Steve’s leg with his foot.

“What are you doing?” he whispers. Jan knows they’ll all agree, so this is more a formality than anything.

“Making lists,” Steve says. He looks up at Jan, like he’s actually paying attention, before he glances at Tony. “It’s a habit, from before the war. My hand’s are bigger, the lists are longer.”

“We have paper.” Tony doesn’t know why he’s so caught up on it, his eyes following the squiggles of blue ink all over Steve’s broad hand.

“I lose paper, unless I drew on it, and I don’t like drawing on my lists.” Steve shrugs, glancing at Jan again. She’s tossing them glances now.

Tony shoots her a grin before snatching Steve’s pen. “I want to see the lists,” he says, as smugly as he can when he’s whispering. “What’s so important that Captain America can’t remember.”

Steve swats him away. “They’re private,” he murmurs, but Tony knows the fond smile he’s giving Steve.

“Boys, is there something you want to share with the class?” Jan asks. Her eyebrows are into her bangs. “Or is this a private conversation?”

“Private of course,” Tony says, without hesitation. “Where else would we have it except in front of all of you.”

Steve slumps in his chair. “Tony...” he says warningly.

Tony shrugs, and Jan just starts speaking louder, like she can will him to be quiet. Tony uncaps Steve’s pen and writes Stop getting Tony in trouble across Steve’s wrist before he’ll give the pen back.
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