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New You

500 | Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew | R (KB: uniforms/military kink)

Jess doesn’t know what it is about the new uniform that makes it impossible to look away from Carol. She’s looked at her for years in the Miss Marvel getup, the tight leotard and high boots, and she doesn’t really have anything bad to say about it? Just that she was immune to it. It was attractive because it was Carol filling out the black fabric, not because it was cut kind of sexy.

Not to say that she didn’t have fantasies about the red sash and what it could do to her.

But now, watching Carol walk into the main floor of Avengers Tower in her Captain Marvel suit, no panels, covered from her neck to her ankles, there’s a rush of heat to Jess’ face. She can’t stop staring, tracing the gold piping.

She’s seen other Captain Marvels, and they’ve left her cold. No amount of skin tight fabric would make any self-respecting Avengers heart race. She’s run into battle behind Captain America when his leather pants were hugging every muscle in his legs. She’s fought with Tygra in what amounted to less than a bathing suit, and Greer never made her heart pound like this.

Carol laughs when she notices Jess’ stare. They’re mostly milling around; only Steve and Carol are actually in full uniform, standing military straight. It’s a can’t take the military out of the girl kind of thing, except that Carol’s eyes are sparkling.

“Come down here and look at it,” she says, and Jess really can’t deny herself the chance to look at the costume closer, not when Carol looks this damned hot in it from a distance. There’s just the hint of command in Carol’s voice, and Jess tries not to roll her eyes. She’s not one of Carol’s soldiers.

Up close, the uniform is a little more impressive. She can follow the gold piping around the shoulders, where it hugs around Carol’s breasts and she can’t help but stare at the star burst in the middle of Carol’s breasts, where it looks like it’s just mocking her for staring.

“Do you like the navy?” Carol asks, and her tone is light, like she isn’t noticing Jess’ stare.

“Yeah,” Jess says and she shakes herself a little, forcing herself back to concentrate on Carol’s face, on the way the new hair style falls down over her eyes just a little.

Carol smiles just a little more, and then she’s tracing the star on her chest with her red gloves. “And this?”

Jess licks her lips and she knows she’s lost, and she knows Carol is loving this. “Maybe,” she says, and her voice is just a touch shakier.

“So it’s like that,” Carol says, like it’s never been like that between them before. She moves, swaying her hips so Jess has to see that she’s still got the damned sash around them. “And how do we ask?”

Jess forces herself to come back down, to rise up and not take that bait. She’s Spiderwoman, for god’s sake. She doesn’t fall into a whimpering, begging because Carol looks hot. “I’m not asking. I’m telling you that I want you in my room.”

Carol wrinkles her nose a little, and she laughs again. “Miss Drew, I haven’t even unpacked.”

“You’ll just have to find a way to get me to keep my hands to myself then,” she says in a low whisper.

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Came here a-browsing from Kink Bingo! Not only did you pick one of my favorite pairings in all of Marvel, but you gave Carol a kink to which she is particularly well suited. (No pun intended.) Many bonus points for you. :-)


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