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We've Done This

500 | Steve Rogers/Tony Stark | R (KB: danger)

It’s cliche. It’s so cliche that Tony kind of hates himself for doing it in the morning, no matter how fabulous Steven G Rogers looks fucked out in Tony’s bed, or on Tony’s floor, or in Tony’s car. It’s a ridiculous cliche that superheroes get off on near death misses, particularly when one of them is running around in what amounts to a spandex running suit.

He knows (Steve’s told him) that there are Kevlar plates and hidden safety measures under the suit, but come on. Of the two of them, Steve’s basically going into battle naked, like some Olympian god.

So it’s not surprising that near death gets Steve hard and ready, and Tony’s maybe kind of an asshole for being the guy who noticed and decided to push it. He figures Natasha saw, and Clint, but Tony was the guy who grabbed Steve when he was limping from a fight, and Tony was the one who crowded into his space.

“You wanna go,” he murmurs. “You like people shooting at you.”

It’s even typical that Steve pushes him away at first, looking at Tony like he’s some kind of freak. It’s by the book and stupid, and Tony feels like he’s in some ridiculous loop. He can’t break out of it, and--worse--he doesn’t want to break out of it, especially not after Steve comes to him. It’s two weeks later, and he’s been through hell. There’s blood in his blond hair.

Tony doesn’t care. He kisses him anyway, backs him against the wall, pulling at Steve’s blood hair. He can feel Steve’s heart beating, and he’s breathless from just one kiss.

If there’s one thing that’s actually a surprise in all of this? It’s the fact that Captain America loves being fucked. He likes being pushed around when he’s buzzed from a fight and almost dying, loves when Tony throws him down on the bed and just fucks him like Steve won’t be there in the morning. He lets go of being a superhero and he lets go of the fear, and he just goes with what he wants.

Tony loves watching it, and he almost loves the moments where they’re both coming down from awesome sex, when he can watch Steve rebuild himself into Captain America. He doesn’t ask if Steve’s headspace as Cap is all American values and not getting off on almost dying (hell, not getting off on begging to get fucked by another man), but he’s pretty sure that there’s no place for Tony in there.

Steve always leaves before someone will notice him sacked out in Tony’s bed. He’s quick to dress and slip out, and in the light of day, it’s like none of it even happened. His healing ability won’t even give him a limp, no matter how hard they went the night before. It’s almost not fair.

Tony doesn’t care though. He knows he’ll have Steve again after the next big fight, and he’ll take Steve as he comes, ash smeared across his face and bleeding. He likes being able to smooth him back into place.

He tells himself he’s doing it for the team, and that it’s just stupid cliches and it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t feel anything. They just need their leader ready in the morning, because every day is its own crisis.


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