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No One Else on Earth

700 | Natasha Romanova/Clint Barton, OT6 | NC-17 (kb: gangbang)

Notes: Clint Barton is portrayed as a transman.

They all take a turn on the bottom, when there’s a weekend that Fury promises that they aren’t going to have any trouble. SHIELD will call them in only if something goes really sideways. (Which of course means that there was at least once that Steve was limping on the field for about fifteen minutes and a few times that Tony was swearing in his Iron Man suit. The Hulk never seems to register how fucked out Bruce is.)

Natasha gets to go this time, and she smirks a little at them. “I want Clint first,” she says, like she’s deciding if she wants coffee or tea with her breakfast. “I want him to fuck me open when I’m just barely wet, and none of you get to touch me until he’s gotten me off.”

She smirks a little at Tony when she says it, because of all of them, Tony is the worst with following the rules, especially with their team-building. He doesn’t like being told he can’t touch, but if he wants a shot at fucking Nat, he’ll be good. He has to be, or Clint won’t let Tony fuck him next time around.

Nat pulls her shirt up over her hand, showing off her pale shoulders and the simple black bra she wears under most of her clothes. “Don’t take that off,” Clint says. “I want to fuck you with that on.”

“Okay,” Nat says with a smirk and a roll of her eyes before she disappears into the big bedroom. It’s technically Tony’s, but he sleeps most nights in either Steve or Thor’s beds. It’s the bed they use for all of them.

Clint turns heel and takes the stairs down to his floor, down to where he keeps his harnesses and cocks. He had a cock planned, but if Nat wants to be fucked open, she wants something a little larger. He’s fucked her enough to know that she likes it big and thick in the beginning, so she’s ready for whatever slides in after.

He picks out one that looks mostly like a gag. It’s deep dark blue, and he slips it into the harness quickly. He strips down and gets the harness up and tight around his hips, and the cock looks absolutely ridiculous. Even on Thor’s frame, it make someone hesitate, and Clint is nowhere near that tall.

It’s hard to go back up the stairs with his cock swaying between his hips, but he manages it. Steve is already naked on the bed next to Nat, Tony’s hand curled around his dick. Nat is watching the show, naked except for her bra. Bruce and Thor haven’t undressed at all. They like to watch.

“What are you doing?” Clint asks as he slides onto the ridiculously overexpensive sheets. Tony still buys them when all they’re going to do is mess them up with sex.

“Natasha liked the show,” Tony says. “Besides, we all know that even if I get him, he’ll be hard in time to fuck her.” He squeezes his hand a little, and Steve cries out, bucking his hips up.

“Her rules, friend,” Thor says, and he’s got an appreciative eye on Clint’s cock. “She sets the tone.”

Nat stretches out on the bed and lets her legs fall open. “I like a little show here and there,” she murmurs, and that’s really all the invitation Clint needs to crawl in between her thighs.

He tests her with two fingers, pressing them in and holding. “You’re too tight still,” he says, ignoring the way she’s moving her hips under him, like she can coax him closer just that much. “I fuck you like this and it’s going to hurt.”

She wrinkles her nose. “Maybe I want it to hurt.” She curls her legs up around him. It’s not the right angle and she knows she can’t force him to fuck her, but the invitation is clear. “Fuck me and let me worry about tomorrow.”

And Clint can’t really deny a lady when she demands so nicely. He takes a breath and lines the head up to her cunt. “Tell me if it’s too much,” he says, and he pushes in a little too fast.

“That’s not the point--” Nat’s voice breaks, and she moves her hips up. Her eyes are tearing up at the edges, but her nails dig into his arms. “Clint, go,” she says again.

He pushes and watches her face when she winces, but she doesn’t tell him to stop. He gets half-way in and pulls out, fucking into her. He keeps going like that, pushing in and out, a little deeper each time, and on the third thrust she gasps like she’s remembering to breath, bucking against him.

Clint pulls all the way out and fucks back into her, forcing himself inside until his hips are married against her, and she screams, clawing at his nails, and it’s going to hurt, to take the rest of them after him. She knows it, and she’s still trying to fuck herself on his cock, her nails scratching down his chest and over the scars.

He brushes his fingers against her clit, and she spasms, crying out again. He can’t keep a good rhythm of fucking her and touching her. She likes the pain, but he’s never known her to come just from fucing, not at first. Not until she’s too over sensitive.

Clint feels himself riding the edge, and he grits his teeth against it. His fucking gets sloppy if he comes while he’s working someone over. He doesn’t want that, not yet. There will be eager mouths later, if need be. Even Nat’s pretty mouth. Now he’s focusing on fucking her until she screams.

“They can’t help,” Nat says, and Clint pushes into her again. He could fuck her like this for hours, watching her chest rise and the blush forming down along the smooth skin of her breasts. He can see her nipples through the fabric, hard and ready, and he knows that Thor will tease her through the lace. Banner will leave the bra on, but Tony can take it off one handed. He should go last.

“Get yourself off,” he says, and he guides her hand to her clit. “You know that you want to show them how eager you are for them to fuck you.” He grabs her hips with both hands. Their skin slaps together, and the sound is so wet. “Do you want Thor first, when you’re already so open from this dick? Do you want to be so full and let him fuck you until he’s coming, and you’re just too sensitive to stop?”

Nat’s eyes flutter closed when she touches herself, two fingers running tight and fast circles over her clit. He can feel her body tightening in the resistance, how he has to fight inside her again and again, and she’s making soft gasping sounds, legs closing too tight around him. He keeps talking to her, telling her about what Thor is going to do to her, how hard he’s going to fuck her, how he’s going to fuck her through his orgasm until he’s going soft, and then Bruce will fuck her, before she can recover.

She screams her orgasm, and Clint tries to ignore the hot wash of Steve coming beside them, on both of them. Thor is already beside them, his pants pushed down. He doesn’t understand underwear, and he’s so hard that the tip of his cock is wet.

Nat shudders when he pulls her onto his dick, stretching out so she has to ride him if she wants to be fucked at all. Her eyes are clear, though, when she looks over at Clint, like she doesn’t have Steve’s come smeared against her arm. “If he’s not ready again, you’re fucking me before Stark gets a shot,” she says, her voice only a little breathy as she rides Thor, her hips working furiously.

“We shall see, Widow,” Thor murmurs, and he leans up to bite at her nipple through the bra, and they both make a strangled sound.

Clint slumps against Steve, unbuckling his harness. If Nat is going to want fucked again, he thinks at the very least she can suck him off before he works her over again. “I think you had better get ready, Doc,” he says to Bruce, and Nat flashes him a grin.


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