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Rearrange the Sky

1200 | Steve/Tony, Steve/Tony/Thor, Thor/Jane | NC-17 (KB: double penetration)

Steve Rogers isn’t exactly a demanding lover. Tony puts more demands on him than Steve would ever probably even think to, but that’s because Tony is greedy and wants to eat his cake and have it and hell, have Captain America jump out of it, if he would be so kind. He’s taught Steve a host of debauchery, and Steve has been game for all of it. Hell, he knew some shit that Tony liked to pretend wasn’t invented until after his parents stopped having sex.

Steve was a gentleman about who taught him what he knew, and he wouldn’t name the source. Tony just pretended Barnes was a goddamned freak in bed.

It wasn’t a complete shock that Steve had some fantasies of his own. Or that he could be demanding. He loved giving orders when he had his Captain America pants on, after all.

What he wasn’t expecting was Steve to put down his fork at dinner one night and ask, “Would it be weird for you if I wanted someone, um, in both my mouth and my ass?”

It was dinner for two, and they were in Steve’s kitchenette, but still. Tony put down his wine and just stared. He tried to imagine Steve’s mouth stretched around someone’s cock while someone else was pounding the hell out of his ass, and yeah. Yeah that could work.


The hard part, of course, was deciding who could be the other dick taking Steve. They played around with dildos a little, but Steve wrinkled his nose. “I want-- someone. I want to feel them move.”

(Tony opened his mouth to ask if Steve had done this before, but there was a far off look to Steve’s eyes. Generally, Tony gave him space after those looks. He didn’t need more details.)

He tried not to be offended when Steve asked Thor, because he knew exactly what Steve saw when he looked at Thor. Thor was a good choice, anyway, because it turned out that Asgardians were pretty sex positive. (The warriors three and Sif had stories that made Tony want to blush, but sadly, he was incapable of doing so.)

Getting it set up was surprisingly easy. Thor asked Jane if she would allow it; Jane demanded that she be able to watch on Skype, and Steve tried not to visibly squirm at the idea of someone watching him come undone.

He failed on that count, but hey. Tony had a huge screen in his room left over from his and Pepper’s X-rate Skype chats. Steve was going to be able to see everything.


Thor nude was the kind of shit that made Tony wish he could sculpt or write sonnets. He was casual about it but definitely godly, definitely ready for whatever hapless maiden or youth would need to be seduced. He watched Steve like he was that youth, Steve who was just now pulling his briefs down.

“Is he going to finger himself open?” Jane asked from the screen. Tony tried not to look at her. She was half-naked and definitely ready to watch Steve and Thor have sex. (Tony wasn’t about to delude himself into thinking that he was the main attraction there. A benefit, sure, but not what Jane was really after.)

“I think he should,” Tony said, and he gave Steve the lube. “Show them how good you are at it, baby.”

Steve’s cheeks were dark and he licked his lips, carefully not looking at the screen or at Thor. He glanced at Tony when he squeezes the tube, getting his fingers shiny wet.

“Show them how you can start with two,” Tony whispered against Steve’s ear, kissing his neck. That was something Steve should be proud of, and that was the way he came to Tony’s bed.

Some men just love being fucked.

“All right,” Steve breathed, face calm as he spread his thighs. For all his studious ignoring of Jane’s looming face, Tony noticed that he had his legs angled so she would be able to see his fingers sink into his body, the way he could just slide them in and twist. Thor’s eyebrows raised, but he said nothing, his palm over his cock like he wasn’t watching America’s national icon prep himself to take it.

Steve gasped, his cock already hard, and Tony was used to watching Steve, used to figuring out when he as going from two fingers to three. He could take four easily, but that seemed like showing off. There were somethings that Tony didn’t want to share with Thor and Jane, too. Somethings that should be private between him and Steve.

“Take his hand away, Thor,” Jane said. Her lips were darker. “I want to see you fuck him.”

“As the lady wills it,” Thor murmured, eyes fixated on Steve. Tony pressed his palm to his cock, just enough to give some relief, but not enough to come. He didn’t want to disappoint Steve.

“Please,” Steve breathed, letting his hand fall away, and Thor began to push into him, too quick and too strong, and the sound Steve made from that one thrust made Tony’s own cock twitch.

Steve fell back against the bed, eyes rolling up as Thor plowed into him, thrusts strong enough to make his body jump a little. Tony watched the show, noting how Steve kept his hands to his sides. He didn’t want to touch himself yet. He wanted to last.

Tony stripped down when Steve’s gasps became a little desperate, needy. His hands were clenching into fists with the effort not to touch himself, and Thor’s rhythm was starting to come undone at the edges.

“Are you ready?” Tony asked, when he was on his knees by Steve’s head. He traced the line of Steve’s jaw with one hand, his thumb pressed against Steve’s mouth. “Open for me.”

The angle wasn’t the best, but Steve’s mouth was hot and wet. Tony fisted a hand into Steve’s hair to hold him where he needed him, despite his body being jostled again and again by Thor’s thrusts into his body. Steve groaned around his cock.

It wasn’t the greatest blowjob Steve had ever given him on a technical level, a little too sloppy and with just a touch more teeth than Tony liked, but it was definitely worth it, to watch Steve’s eyes rolling back into his head and to see Thor beginning to sweat from the effort of fucking Steve and holding himself back.

“Show Jane how much you like this,” Tony murmured, watching Steve’s lips spread around his cock. “You want to come with Thor fucking you, don’t you?”

Steve made a soft noise around Tony’s cock, his hand flying up to his own cock. He barely had his fist around himself before he was coming messy over himself and onto Thor’s stomach. His mouth went slack around Tony, like he couldn’t keep his concentration.

Tony laughed and began to jerk himself off, wasting no time in adding to the mess on Steve’s stomach, running his fingers through it to make Steve messier. He loved the way Steve looked, blissed out and well-fucked. His lips were red and seemed raw from Tony’s cock, and he was just making soft, fucked out noises as Thor finished inside him.

They were quiet for a moment, catching their breath, and it was Jane who broke the science, her own voice breathy from orgasm. “When I come to New York next, we’re doing that again.”

Steve laughed, turning his face away. Tony kissed his forehead. “I think that means you can fuck him, too, Dr. Foster.”
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