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Some Funny Business

500 | Steve/Tony | R (KB: crossdressing)

There are a dozen things that Tony loves about Steve--some of them even okay to bring up in mixed company--but one of his absolute favorites is how Steve sometimes forgets he’s not a 90 pound shrimp from Brooklyn. It’s usually little things. Steve moves like a dancer in a fight, but let him walk around the tower for an hour, and he’ll find some air to stumble on, like he forgets that his legs are just a bit longer than he remembers. He tries to sneak into spaces that his body can’t fit into.

Apparently he thinks he can still work the androgyny look now, too.

“What are you doing?” Tony asks, when he comes into their bedroom, and there’s Steve in a short skirt and thigh highs. He’s wearing a slinky camisole, and he has smoky eyeliner around one eye. “You look ridiculous.”

He does look silly, but it’s mostly the too-small camisole. Tony focuses on that and not the way he can feel himself going hard in his designer jeans. Steve can’t exactly be androgynous, sure, but Tony likes to watch people bend over the line between male and female.

Steve’s face clouds over. “I know what I look like, but I found a store that sold things for men my size. And I wanted to see how it would look.” He sets down his eyeliner. “I thought you would like it.”

Tony snorts. “You’re built like a linebacker. You can’t make the whole raver twink look work for you, babe. Besides, it’s wrong for the National icon to have a gender crisis. The right wing is still all pissed off at you for admitting that you like dick AND think abortion should be legal.”

“I’m not going out like this, Tony,” Steve says, and Tony can tell he’s in trouble. “I’m dressing this way because I like feeling pretty. I’ll go back to my floor, if this is making you uncomfortable.”

“Hey, no, I didn’t say that it made me uncomfortable.” Tony grabs Steve’s hands, trying to hold him in place. “I just said you looked ridiculous.”

Steve frowns, and he opens his mouth to speak. Thankfully, Tony’s never been one to take turns in a conversation. “I mean that this cami? Too small and too snug. We’ll find you prettier shirts, if that’s what you like. The skirt’s nice, and I kind of wish I had gotten here five minutes later so there was symmetrical eyes, but hey. I’ll take what I can get.” He leans over and kisses Steve quickly on the lips.

Steve is still suspicious, moving just a little back from Tony. “I can finish my makeup,” he says slowly.

“That seems wasteful,” Tony murmurs, and he lets his hands wander up Steve’s thighs, feeling along the garter’s edge. “My, my, you shaved your legs,” he says when he fees the softness of Steve’s thighs--clearly freshly shaven--and then his hand passes over Steve’s cock in the satiny panties, and Tony moves closer, so Steve can feel that he’s not the only one that’s enjoying the way that satin feels so close to Steve’s skin.

“Mm, wasteful,” Steve says slowly.

“I’m just going to mess it up, you see,” Tony murmurs. He gives Steve a quick peck on the lips. “But I wouldn’t be opposed to a little lipstick. I love smearing that around.” He runs his hands back down over the garters. “And we should leave these on, if we can. I need to see what your legs look like in silk.”

Steve laughs and brushes Tony’s hair back from his face. He’s still suspicious, and Tony knows he’s not out of the woods yet, but he’s smiling and that’s always a good sign. “Lucky for you, I put the panties on after the belt.”

Tony smirks. “Lucky, lucky me.”
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