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Be the Bat

500 | Raquel/Zatanna | PG-13 (KB: dressup)

Raquel knows, logically, that the Batkids are helping masquerade as Batman, to keep up the ruse that the heroes are still on Earth. It’s easier with Batman than it is, say, Superman because Nightwing can almost pass for Batman in the suit now. He’s a little shorter, maybe not quite as broad through the chest, but he looks a hell of a lot more convincing then Connor’s skinny ass in the Superman suit.

Except the Batman that lands on Zatanna’s balcony is probably a head shorter than Batman is supposed to be. “Shit,” the Batman says, and he’s half-tangled in his cape.

Raquel snorts, leaning against the doorframe. “Trick or treat’s not for another five months,” she says, tone light.

She expected Barbara under the cowl. Barbara is at least a Batkid. She’s BatGIRL, if not the most convincing member of the team. Instead it’s Zatanna looking back at her. She’s padded to look more like Batman, but not much. Her breasts are bound as flat as they can be, and her face as an illusion to it to make it seem more square.

“Zatanna, what are you doing?” she says, and she pulls the cowl away from Zatanna’s face. The illusion spell was water thin before, and it breaks now, Zatanna’s face looming small.

“Dick got caught up in a mission, and Babs had plans. I just needed to take a spin around the city with Robin, scare a few people, and we had it covered.” She flashes a huge, bright grin. “It was worth it. Now Dick owes me a favor.”

Raquel laughs, but it’s empty. She’s too busy looking at Zatanna’s tiny frames dwarfed in the Batman suit. She looks like she’s swimming in fabric, and she should look ridiculous, hilarious even, but she doesn’t. There’s something about the suit that makes Zatanna look serious and forbidding.

“Rocket?” Zatanna asks. Raquel can see the curve of her face clearly in the low light. She has it tied in a loose, low ponytail, no waves to distract the eye.

“Being Batman suits you,” Raquel says finally. She reaches over and fixes the way the suit sits on Zatanna’s narrow shoulders. “I like it.”

“I like being able to fly on my own power. Dick actually wanted me to use the batarangs.” Zatanna wrinkles her nose. “He needs to relax.”

“He’ll relax when the real Batman is back. He has too much on his plate right now.” Raquel fidgets with the suit again, then glances at Zatanna. “Do you think he’d notice if we returned the suit slightly used?” She raises her eyebrows and wiggles them at Zatanna.

Zatanna narrows her eyes, until she understands, and then they are huge. “You’re kidding,” she says, and her voice has gone soft in horror. “We’re not using one of Batman’s suits for sex.”

“Oh, come on. He’ll need to clean them anyway.” Raquel settles her hands onto Zatanna’s hips, pulling her close. “And I’ve always wanted a night visit for a caped crusader. Dick was too much of a stick in the mud to do costume sex. I know you don’t have that problem.”

She slides her hands over Zatanna’s ass. The cape falls heavy against her arm. “And then maybe I’ll try it on and rock your world.”

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So not enough Raquel/Zatanna in the world. <3 This was great.


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