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Like a Fish To

500 | Lagoona Blue | PG (KB: electricity)

Lagoona is never, ever, ever inviting the ghouls over for a sleepover. She usually doesn’t go to theirs at Cleo’s or Draculaura’s because she needs her nightly dip in the hydration station, and she doesn’t mind having them around, exactly, but she doesn’t like Truth or Scare. It’s a mean game, and it’s meaner still when Cleo is in one of her moods.

“So, Lagoona,” Cleo says, and her voice is haughty and cold. She’s already gotten Ghoulia to admit that she used to have a thing for Heath. Claudine’s hair might never get back to normal. “Truth or Scare.”

There’s too many secrets between Lagoona and Gil to risk truth; Cleo doesn’t need to know that Gil’s parents think all Salties are monsterous and snooty. And she doesn’t want to tell Cleo that Gil’s parents are making her rethink her opinion of Freshies. It’s all too much, and Cleo doesn’t need to know any of that.

“Scare,” she says, and she keeps her voice level. She isn’t scared of Cleo.

“I scare you to... let Frankie shock you.” Cleo’s eyes are bright with glee, and Lagoona might just never speak to Cleo again. That might just be easier.

“Cleo, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Lagoona is a sea monster,” Frankie says, all sweetness and light. She’s lost one hand to one of Cleo’s scares.

“Frankie, the rules are the rules. You won’t hurt her. Lightening hits the sea all the time, and no one cries about it.”

“I’ll do it,” Lagoona says, because she can see Claudine’s already starting to get her hair up about this. “But you have to give Frankie her hand back first.”

Cleo picks up the loose hand and tosses it to Lagoona. “Here, Lagoona. You can give it back when you’re done. Now such stop being such a scaredy ghoul and let Frankie shock you.”

“Fine, fine, don’t get your wrappings bunched.” Lagoona grips Frankie’s cool hand between hers. “Go for it, ghoul,” she says to Frankie.

“How long?” Frankie asks, her neck bolts already sparking. There’s a humming in the skin of Frankie’s hand, and Lagoona shakes herself to get ready for it. It’s going to hurt; her mother’s been struck by lightening thirty times and she swears by the pain.

“Thirty seconds. Ghoulia can count down.”

Ghoulia groans in agreement, and then Frankie opens her eyes. Lagoona sees the flash of her lightening just before she feels it, and it makes her whole body sieze up. Her skin is humming, and she can feel every nerve in her body, from gills to flippers, and it hurts like nothing she’s ever felt before. It hurts so much.

Then it doesn’t. Then she feels alive and vibrating and strange. She lets go of Frankie’s hand when the pulse fades, and it skitters back to her, ready to be reattached to her wrist.

“That was very good, Lagoona,” Cleo says, and there’s something different in her tone. Lagoona realizes that she’s breathing hard from the shock still, and she can’t shake the feeling way. It stays humming under her skin. “Your turn to pick someone for Truth or Scare.”

Lagoona blinks at Cleo. Her brain won’t focus. She’s too scattered by how bad and wonderful that felt.

“Give her a moment,” Frankie says shyly. “I think I gave her one too many volts.”

“I am tired of game,” Abbey says, standing up. “It is time for makeover or a new game, but this one is not good.”

Lagoona slumps against her hydration station. “I agree, ghouls,” she murmurs, and she pretends like her voice isn’t shaky.
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